Ecommust Delivery intends to deliver all kinds of goods to our various customers with the exception of certain goods that are not legally permissible under the laws of the Cambodia. The goods delivery business is not a capital intensive business and can be started on any budget that the entrepreneur wishes for. However, to ensure that the business grows and sustains itself, we intend to offer other services in addition to our core service – goods delivery. These other services will boost the bottom line of the business and cause us to achieve our intended sales projections on time. Some of the services we intend to offer at Ecommust co.,ltd. are: Delivery of different types of goods to our various customers Consultancy services Trainings Franchise Our Vision Statement Our vision at Ecommust is to be the best and only preferred goods delivery business in Phnom Penh and other provinces and in the amongst the top three goods delivery business in the whole country by 2023. • Our Mission Statement In order to achieve being the best and preferred goods delivery business, we intend to perfect our business structure and also put several modalities in place to ensure that we achieve our goals and objectives.